Bangor Area

View of the Delaware Water Gap as seen from the Bangor Area.

Bangor Area is located in Northampton County.

Population (Est.): 24,000

Bangor Area School Districts

Community and school district information.

Entertainment & The Arts

The Bangor area is a very rural section of Northampton County.  Though there are no large entertainment venues, nothing in the Lehigh Valley is more than 30 minutes from one of the major cities where one can find the highest levels of entertainment.  

Restaurants & Bars

Most of the restaurants and bars in this area are concentrated in the boroughs and are of the neighborhood variety - small town eateries with a lot of local appeal.  For a larger variety of cuisines one will have to travel to one of the major cities in the Lehigh Valley. 

Parks & Outdoors

Since this area is mainly rural, there is plenty to do outside - often without leaving your own property.  Aside from the many neighborhood parks and playgrounds, there are many hiking trails and state parks nearby, including parts of the Appalachian Trail.

Local Architecture

Most of the architecture in the boroughs is turn of the century Victorian.  In town one can find twins, row homes and singles with original woodwork and plenty of character.  Much of this area is rural and there are some newer housing developments as well as working farms and larger estates.

Shopping & Markets

There are some local shops, grocery stores and drugstores, but for major shopping, one will have to travel to one of the more populated areas such as Easton, Bethlehem, or Allentown.  In the summer there are plenty of places to get fresh, local produce.

Public Transportation

The Lehigh Valley International Airport provides direct flights to many Eastern US locations and connections to many, many more. It's convenient to travel anywhere from this local hub and it lies in Allentown just across the border with Bethlehem.   There is bus service to some of the main boroughs, but the buses do not run frequently and most of the rural sections have no service at all.

Bangor Area Properties

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