Nazareth is home to Martin Guitar.

Nazareth is located in Northampton County.

Population (Est.): 25,000

Nazareth School Districts

Community and school district information.

Entertainment & The Arts

The Nazareth area has many local events, but for larger entertainment venues, one will have to travel to neighboring Bethlehem or Allentown.  Nazareth Center for the Arts has music, theater or other arts related workshops in a small town location.

Restaurants & Bars

The restaurants in the Nazareth area are mostly located in the towns proper, though there are a few outliers.  Though there is a decent variety and a great mix of casual dining and nicer places to eat, one will have to go to Allentown or Bethlehem for the more exotic cuisines.  

Parks & Outdoors

There are many parks and recreational areas within these neighborhoods.  Jacobsburg Park is a favorite hiking destination with several miles of wooded trails along a stream that is begging to be waded in during hot summer months.  These trails also cater to horseback riding.  There are several places to play golf and lots of local fields and open spaces.

Museums & Amusements

Jacobsburg Environmental Center offers educational programs for children of all ages and Martin Guitar factory tours are always a hit.  If you're into model trains, the Nazareth Area Society of Model Engineers is for you.  They've got a small museum for "spectators" of the hobby as well.

Local Architecture

As with many of the locales in the Lehigh Valley, the in town architecture differs from that in the townships simply because they were developed at different times.  The boroughs in the Nazareth area and Nazareth Borough in particular has many Victorian era homes, both large and small, but all with tons of original woodwork and character.  There are sections of turn of the century twins and row homes and as one leaves the downtown areas, housing developments and farms dot the landscape.

Shopping & Markets

There are small local shops in most areas, but the largest shopping corridor is near Route 33.  There are several large anchor stores in this area such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kohls, and Sam's Club as well as many chain restaurants and a theater.

Public Transportation

The Lehigh Valley International Airport provides direct flights to many Eastern US locations and connections to many, many more. It's convenient to travel anywhere from this local hub and it lies in Allentown just across the border with Bethlehem.  Most of the boroughs in this area have regular public transit access, but the more rural parts do not have any regular bus routes.

Nazareth Area Properties

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