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Entertainment & The Arts

Bethlehem has many large and small entertainment and arts venues.  The Steel Stacks offers a more intimate concert going experience while Stabler Arena can house some of the biggest names in show business.  The Banana Factory has many interactive experiences and Lehigh has more than one venue for shows ranging from the ballet to the Bach Choir.  Of note, Bethlehem is host to one of the world's largest music festivals each August, known as Musikfest.  

Restaurants & Bars

Bethlehem has an eclectic mix of eateries and every kind of cuisine is represented. Main Street offers many fine restaurants and the South Side has many small neighborhood venues that should not be missed. Looking for something more adult? There are bars, microbreweries and clubs throughout the area.   Although Main Street is always a great choice, the South Side has seen a resurgence in years past and there is much to do within walking distance of Lehigh University.

Parks & Outdoors

If you are looking for a little fresh air, never fear, Bethlehem has plenty of neighborhood parks and playgrounds as well as public tennis courts, bike trails and more.  Visit Sand Island with the family to enjoy the large playground, play basketball, or walk along the river.  Hop on the canal tow path to stroll along between the canal and the Lehigh River or visit the Rose Garden on a sunny day.  Whatever your outdoor activity, there are plenty of places for you in Bethlehem.

Museums & Amusements

The National Museum of Industrial History resides on part of the former Bethlehem Steel Property on the south side and is a great place to learn about the industry that built Bethlehem.  The Banana Factory often displays the work of its' resident artists, and there are several small museums throughout the town, such as the Moravian History Museum or Burnside Plantation.  

Local Architecture

Bethlehem was founded by the Moravians in 1741 and their influence can still be seen in the architecture downtown in buildings such as the Sun Inn, the Moravian Bookstore, or the Single Sisters House. North Bethlehem is a residential area featuring mainly early 20th century twins and some stately old single family homes.  Many of the mansions in Fountain Hill have been turned into doctor's offices or multi-family homes and the history of the South Side as the steelworker's original home neighborhood is still evident in the tightly packed row homes that are the predominant architecture.  West Bethlehem neighborhoods are more open with larger lots and more single family homes than other parts of the city and areas such as Bethlehem Township have a definitively suburban vibe.

Shopping & Markets

Bethlehem does not have one large shopping area like Allentown, though there are a few large shopping centers in Bethlehem Township near the Rt 33 exchange.  Instead, the best shopping here can be had at local markets and corner stores.  The downtown area on both the north and south sides are prime for an evening stroll or an afternoon shopping spree.  The stores are an ecclectic mix of fashion, accessories, furnishings and art, to name a few. In the summer there are several open air  farmer's markets and there is always something to do.

Public Transportation

The Lehigh Valley International Airport provides direct flights to many Eastern US locations and connections to many, many more. It's convenient to travel anywhere from this local hub and it lies in Allentown just across the border with Bethlehem.  Though there are no passenger trains in the Lehigh Valley, there is local bus transportation throughout and several long distance bus lines.

Bethlehem Properties

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