Coopersburg Area

Painted barn mural near Coopersburg, Pa.

Coopersburg and surrounding areas are located in LEHIGH COUNTY.

Population (Est.): 32,000

Coopersburg Area School Districts

Community and school district information.

Salisbury S.D.

Entertainment & The Arts

The Coopersburg Area does not have any large arts venues.  To see large shows, one would travel to either Bethlehem or Allentown.  However, DeSales University does have a theater on campus and they have some wonderful performances throughout the year.

Restaurants & Bars

This area is a mix of small town an rural areas and as such, most of the restaurants are local establishments closer to town, however, the Promenade Shopping center located on the edge of this part of town has a wide range of eateries and bars ranging from burgers to upscale Asian fusion.

Parks & Outdoors

There is much to do outside in this part of the Lehigh Valley - in addition to the small parks and playgrounds scattered throughout, the Saucon Rail Trail gives walkers, runners, and bikers alike a safe, picturesque place to enjoy nature.  There are several places to play golf and even a few campgrounds for a fun overnight family getaway.  S'Mores anyone?

Local Architecture

The architecture changes throughout each area in this diverse section of the Lehigh Valley.  Salisbury Township borders on Bethlehem and Allentown and as such, most of the buildings have a more in town feel and while there are some single family detached homes, many of the houses are twins or row homes. Coopersburg has a small Main Street area which has a few stately old Victorian homes, but those quickly disperse and as the lot sizes increase, so does the square footage.  Upper Saucon is known for some of the largest and most dramatic estates in the valley which Lower Milford has a more rural feel in general.

Shopping & Markets

Local stores are easily accessible throughout this entire area and the Promenade Shops offer an upscale shopping experience.  For regular shopping, the Lehigh Valley Mall and surrounding area is still the closest and best bet.  Throughout the summer there are several farmer's markets in the area and just to the south in Quakertown one can visit a year round indoor flea market.  

Public Transportation

The Lehigh Valley International Airport provides direct flights to many Eastern US locations and connections to many, many more. It's convenient to travel anywhere from this local hub and it lies in Allentown just across the border with Bethlehem.   Though some of the neighborhoods in the Coopersburg area have regular bus service, others have very few bus routes or none at all.  

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