Covered Bridge in North Whitehall Township

Parkland is located in LEHIGH COUNTY.

Population (Est.): 55,000

Entertainment & The Arts

The Parkland area lies between the bustling city lights of downtown Allentown and the quiet country of townships further north and west.  The closest large entertainment venues can be found in Allentown and the West End, but Parkland is home to an old style drive in and many smaller establishments.

Restaurants & Bars

Parkland has many different types of eateries from local diners and pizza joints to upscale dining.  Some of the Valley's most beloved restaurants are in Parkland, such as Henry's Salt of the Sea and Wert's Cafe.  You can find Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Middle Eastern or almost any cuisine you like in Parkland.

Parks & Outdoors

There are plenty of places for outdoor recreation in Parkland and its' communities.  While the small, local parks are lovely, if you have more time, visit the Trexler Nature Preserve and Lehigh Valley Zoo or the Covered Bridge Park.  Just to the North you can find more hiking and parts of the Appalachian Trail.

Museums & Amusements

The closest museums can be found in Allentown or Bethlehem, but within minutes you can be strolling among photographs and sculptures in the allentown Art Museum or checking under the hood at the American on Wheels Museum.  Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom with it's rollercoasters and waterslides is located in Parkland if you crave adrenaline and cotton candy.

Local Architecture

The architecture in this area varies greatly depending on the neighborhood.  In some areas, large old single family homes dominate the landscape, while in other areas, modern housing developments with a mix of single family homes, townhouses and apartments abound.  Towards the outer boundaries of Parkland, housing becomes more rural and working farms can still be found.

Shopping & Markets

Though the Lehigh Valley Mall and surrounding area is the closest shopping district with all kinds of variety, there are many smaller stores and shops throughout the Parkland area as well as a few large strip malls including such stores as Target.  For a local adventure and real fresh cuisine, visit the Allentown Farmer's Market at the Fairgrounds Thursday through Saturday.  

Public Transportation

The Lehigh Valley International Airport provides direct flights to many Eastern US locations and connections to many, many more. It's convenient to travel anywhere from this local hub and it lies in Allentown just across the border with Bethlehem.  Though there are no passenger trains in the Lehigh Valley, there is local bus transportation in most parts of the Parkland area though some of the more rural areas do not have bus service.

Parkland Properties

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