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During this difficult time, many of us are working from home, some of us have been laid off or furloughed, and for some, their businesses have been closed indefinitely. 

We’re all learning to live in a different way – many of us taking on new roles like those with small children who must learn to become teachers or those who have become caretakers – everyone doing as much as they can – remotely.

Some cannot leave their homes because they are at greatest risk for contracting COVID-19 and the rest of us have been cautioned to stay home in order to stop the spread, though we now know that any person, in any age group and at any level of fitness can contract this disease and it can be fatal for anyone.

While almost every family faces financial and social uncertainty, neither of which can be assuaged by anything within our power to change, the one thing we can combat is boredom.

If you’ve already cleaned out all your closets, organized your spice cabinet, fixed the squeaky bedroom door and watched about as much TV as you can stand – then it’s time to do something more meaningful with your time.

Instead of railing against regulations or going to the grocery store five times a week (which is partially what got Italy in trouble), consider giving your time to a more worthy cause.  

Whether you have special skills (i.e sewing for surgical masks) or you are confined to home due to pre-existing health conditions, you can still help.

The Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley has many opportunities ranging from  helping out in soup kitchens to making Easter Baskets for shelter families or simply making cards to bolster the spirits of our hard-working health workers.

No matter what your status or level of skill, there is something you can do – bust the boredom and contribute to your community today!  Click here to find out more…

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  1. Great article! I appreciate the clear and insightful perspective you’ve shared. It’s fascinating to see how this topic is developing. For those interested in diving deeper, I found an excellent resource that expands on these ideas: check it out here. Looking forward to hearing others’ thoughts and continuing the discussion!

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